You’re responsible for your choices

I have been thinking a lot about why we care so much about what others are doing in general. How a girl dresses kind of defines her as a person, in our culture, and that makes no sense, like, I like to wear cute-little-girl kind of dresses, that in no way makes me cute or little, Hell, I can be a man and wear dresses if I want. It’s none of your business. I’m great to you, so just be great to me. Manners, they’re supposed to be defining a person, and even then, it’s morally wrong to define or judge anyone, you’re not, for you’ll never ever know everything they have been through, and when you will, their wrong decisions will probably seem right. How many times have you criticized yourself for wearing a dress? Just imagine, you have survived rape, and this boy/girl comes to and says “Dude, Just look at you, these kind of dresses, they breed rapist, huh”, How would it feel? You’ll be crushed and probably think about this scenario forever. It’ll make you even more uncomfortable in your own skin. Everyone on this damned planet has it tough already, whatever they do is judged and the verdict is much like never in their favor and someone from nowhere starts shouting about how they deserved to be raped, or that they’re sluts. It only adds up to the already tough life, it makes them want to punch someone or roll up in a ball and cry. Instead of highlighting the mostly false negatives, say something good, something that’ll make their day. Tell them it’s great what they’re doing, compliment people and criticize with manners, or you’re just another un-cultured freak.

One of the issues that are so bothersome these days, are rapes. What do they breed from? Insecurity, for, only those who are looking to feel powerful, do it, those needing to exert their power choose the weakest person in the room, the most vulnerable one, and shove them, it’s not ‘passionate love’, it is sexual-violence. The some idiots say Women actually want to be raped; of course they want to be exerted power over in the worst possible manner, by an angry insecure man. Who gets raped the most? Friendly girls dressed in a manner they’re comfortable probably? Nope. Ones that are easy to show power over do. Insecurity doesn’t care if you’re a girl or a boy, or if you’re 70 or 5, it’ll rape you if it’s easy to get away with it. Maybe, Rapists are just innocent men falsely accused by women? Yup, in the society where victim is degraded more than the rapist, the victim who actually reports is of course looking to degrade an innocent man. But, you know, Rapes can be avoided if the victim just tries hard enough? When you escape an insecure person with a knife that is after your life, tell me how good of the experience it was. Okay. Sex without consent is rape, that’s all about it. No one except rapist is responsible.

Good Day!

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